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Hello you!

 I know, I know, we’ve been bad at writing blog posts. In our defence, this is because I have started Nanowrimo. Up to 13,000 words already, so I think I’ll make it. What Pete’s been up to is anyone’s guess, but I’m sure it involved photographing his cat, programming drum beats, or both.

 I’ve also been interviewing people for my songwriting blog. If you write songs, you might find that interesting.

More importantly

 We’ve a new gig booked:

Saturday November 22nd
203 Holloway Road,
N7 8DL
(close to Holloway Road and Highbury & Islington tubes).

And also

Our next single will be the first ’studio’ version of ‘Stand and Clap,’ a song about idiocy, religion and dogma. It includes reference to the Madonnary version of  Kabbalah, which used to sell anti-cancer water. No really, they did.

 Of course, choosing one crazy religion isn’t fair, and so the song also references other absurd cults that we should have left behind at least two centuries ago.

 The end of the world, when it comes, will be welcomed by some of these subhuman creatures.

Here’s a live version:

Download Stand and Clap – Live

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Last night we played upstairs at the White Hart, and it was good! The audience was lovely, the other acts were great and much fun was had by all.

The gig was put on by Dave of Bedsprings fame, who has some very well established nights across London. The evening began with an open mic, the first act of which, who shall remain nameless, decided to endear himself to the audience by complaining that we talked during his first song. He told us that his second song was called ‘Mein Kampf’, which one member of the audience loudly declared ‘ironic’.

Thankfully, the second act was the amazingly fun David Novan, who put on a great display of audience winning banter and loud enjoyable ‘heavy pop’ songs. He’s also a Dr Who fan, which meant I was later able to have a discusssion with him about the lack of famous robot baddies in Dr Who, and how Patrick Troughton’s final story is really great (what? You’re suprised I’m a sci-fi geek?).

Also of note were the lovely ‘Indigogoes‘ who played fantastic songs about ghosts and ‘Acid boy,’ who got chemistry all over his fingers and now has acid for fingers, and an arch nemesis called alkaline man.


And after our set there were the Wasted Opportunities, who have foot percussion, great songs and a cello player with one of the best singing voices I’ve heard for a long time.

Our question on the mailing list form this time round was ‘What is your favourite Robot?’. Replies included:

Our set list was:

  • Trampoline Song
  • Demon
  • Just Sleeping
  • Scars
  • Measure of a Man
  • One More Time Around

Soon, there will be video of this. Be patient!

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We’re playing a gig on Thursday with our old muckers at Bedsprings.

 Also on the bill are The Wasted Opportunities, a jangly male and female vocal, guitar and cello playing duo – who have a myspace page.

 Peypi, a flautist, is the other act on the bill and the night also starts with an open mic, if you fancy playing yourself.

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Wednesday 20 February

Viva Viva

18 High Street
N8 7PB
Tel: 0208 341 0999

Doors 8pm

Viva Viva is located on Hornsey high street close to Hornsey Station, Alexandra Palace and just 5 minutes walk from Crouch End Broadway.

Here’s a map

“No-one can fault this self-styled West End oasis here in N8.
Kicking Cocktails and tasty tapas are served with a winning smile.” – Timeout

Rather than the usual dingy basment bar, Viva Viva actually serves good food and has chairs. Which means you should be able to sit down and eat something lovely whilst listening to us. This is a good thing.

See you there!

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1. We played a gig!

Last Thursday saw the barely adequate triumphant return to the stage of We’ll Write as a live act.

The setlist was:

  • Old Moon Face
  • Measure of a Man
  • Sugar and Dust
  • Demon
  • Something’s Bound to Happen
  • Trampoline Song

Great fun was had by some all, and we shared the stage with a wind quintet, a string duo and a free improv trio. Pictures and video to come soon, if all goes according to plan.

All hail Bedsprings for making it so.


It may be a silly mistake, but I’ve started writing songs for the February Album Writing Month .

You can hear the first three below. They’re most definitely first draft demo recordings, but I’m proud of them all the same.

Download Ropes around the Sun
Download Black Water
Download Spinning the Compass

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Pete and I are playing a gig. This excites us.

 What with the wonders of new technology, you can hear all the songs we’ll be playing for free, beforehand. Many of them are only recorded as demos and rehearsal recordings. Here they are:

 Oh, and the demo of Sugar and Dust is a new addition to the site. It was recorded hastily about six months ago.

Download Lying for the Song

Download Measure of a Man

Download Sugar and Dust

Download The Trampoline Song

Download Demon

Download Old Moon Face

PS. A nice man we don’t know linked to us on his blog. Go stare at his virtual things.

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Yup, we’re back onstage this month. Here are the details:

31 Jan 2008, 19:00
1 Mile End Road, The White Hart, Whitechapel, London, E1 4TP
Cost : 3

This promises to be a fantastic, eclectic night at our old haunt the White Hart in Whitechapel. Other acts include: The Boehm Quartet, A Book of Play, Oberlin duo, and Dave and Ollie.

Take a look at the promoter’s myspace here

Find a map of the location here

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