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I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

I  regularly listen to the Bugle podcast, and last week John Oliver sang a version of ‘Holding out for a Hero’, albeit with lyrics changed to reflect Bill Clinton’s recent exploits in North Korea.

It seemed a reasonable use of my time, having nothing to do but await the inevitable and firey doom that will surely soon come to us all, to add a backing to Mr Oliver’s vocal rendition.

You see, I love Jim Steinman. I love his songs beyond reason.

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I’m currently enjoying a live streaming gig by looping guitar player ‘Matt Stevens’. His music is a mixture of Sigur Ros and Robert Fripp and I’m enjoying it lots!

If you’re reading this Sunday afternoon, have a click here and catch what’s left of the gig.

If not, here’s some of his stuff:


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A couple of years ago Pete and I played a gig in Camden with a gentleman who plays under the moniker ‘Trouble over Tokyo’. We bumped into him again the following January at another gig. He has since gone on to bigger and better things, and has recorded some very good songs indeed.

Trouble Over Tokyo are an interesting mix of singer-songwriter acousticness, Radiohead electronica and r’n'b inspired vocal harmonies. The arrangements rely on loops on multi-layered harmonies, which add a depth that those solo live performances didn’t have. I understand TOT perform as a full band these days, something I shall endeadvour to see when they’re next in London.

Here’s another video:

Here’s a Myspace page.

Here’s a proper website.

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We need your money, urgently!

 I’ve discovered that a bunker has been put up for sale in Hampshire. The article about it on says:

“Rob Marchant, the Whiteley-based auctioneer, said: “This is not your average property, what with blast-proof fittings, a chute for ejecting people in an emergency, air filters and independent power and water supplies. ”

A chute for ejecting people in an emergency!! We can get rid of people if we decide they don’t belong in the bunker. Wonderful!

It is therefore vital that we purchase this bunker, so we can shelter from the coming, wrathful end.

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I am scared. Are you scared?This video is being produced by Joe Slatter .

Joe is definitely:

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With the end fast approaching, we have to prepare for the firey inevitable. That means building a bunker, storing supplies and stockpiling weapons.

It also means drawing up a list of those who’ll be allowed into the bunker. After all, we’ll have limited resources, we’ll only have room for those who can genuinely contribute to the post-apocalyptic landscape. When it comes to the bunker, the question we will need to ask about every single human being is ‘Inside or Outside?’

There are some individuals we won’t have to consider for long. Ash, from the Evil Dead films is a no-brainer. Any man willing to chain-saw off his own hand in the battle against evil will be a valuable asset when the mutants attack.

Sarah Palin won’t be coming in.

But what about the less famous, the every day people we meet? How do we make the decision? The only fair way is to assess everybody individually, on a case-by-case basis. So that’s what Pete and I will do. We will look at the merits of everybody we meet and make a decision.First up is David Novan, a singer-songwriter we met at our last gig.


  • He was entertaining and a great singer
  • He likes Dr Who


  • Erm… can’t think of any. David’s great.


See? See how easy this is.

Who would you put in the bunker?

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