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Being generally behind the times when it comes to pocket sized gadgets, I’ve only recently acquired a phone that can do things other than make calls and send texts.

Photos and similar are therefore a novelty for me.

Today Pete and I rehearsed. Here are some pictures of the rehearsal and my journey home, past robots and dinosaurs.


Bass with watching zombie

Where Robots go to die

Guess which way I went!

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“What Pete’s been up to is anyone’s guess, but I’m sure it involved photographing his cat, programming drum beats, or both,” sayeth the Tom! And it’s mostly true. In fact, I was photographed programming drum beats with one of my cats. She was actually not much help, but made up for it by being unspeakably cute.

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Are you scared?

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My flat block has been taking some damage. Not only have I mashed up the insides with radioactive gunk, but Robots have smashed up the roof too.


And click here too!

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Saturday was spent shooting the first half of the video for Measure of a Man.

Visual genius was provided by my brother Joe, who pointed a camera at Pete and me as we sang, danced, threw ourselves around and chased each other repeatedly down several flights of stairs.

I have never felt so unfit.

Nevertheless, video has been shot, and will be turning up over the next few days weeks and months. It will involve Robots. Scary, vengeful Robots.

Talking of Robots, I have read  that serious, intellectual people think humans may end up falling in love with robots.

This is clearly a terrible, chilling notion. They will lure us into such relationships, then do away with us entirely.

Do not trust them!

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At long last, and after literally days of not getting round to it, I’ve finally uploaded the last of January 2006’s gig at Colour. Here’s the sound of We’ll Write two years ago:

Download Just Sleeping

Download Lying for the song

Download Riding on the Waves

Download Vapour Trails

Download Stand and Clap

Download Somethings Bound to Happen

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As Pete says, we’ve been busy writing new stuff, getting the Ep mastered and trying to decide what to do with it now that it’s finished. I do very much like the hand made packaging that Iced Bird Spiral use, but I have no talent in this direction so whether we end up going down that route I have no idea. Stay tuned for that!

Now, having moved house, I’ve been clearing out drawers and boxes that have been untouched for months. In doing so I’ve come across some old(ish) back-up CDs. So, for your pleasure, there’s an old photo at the top of this post and a demo recording of a song called Ghosts underneath:

Download Ghosts

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You’ve visited our music page right?

Well visit again, because I’ve just added a live version of ‘Lying for the song,’ which appropriately enough is surrounded by recordings of us lying to the audience. Pete tells a pretty impressive lie about how We’ll Write started. It’s silly.

Download Lying for the song (live)

Here’s a picture too. It’s a photo of us looking at our sensible, which ran a long way away.

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The last few posts have mostly been full of photos of other people. Why? Because I gave Pete the task of finding pictures of two people that we can steal ideas from.

Some of the ones he’s found are worth nicking things from.

In particular I like the one below with two people drawing what looks like a comic book on the ground, because it reminds me of the silly but amusing idea Pete and I had of making our own evangelical Christian style cartoon, with God replaced by We’ll Write.

Which reminded me of my favourite song on our ‘we hardly ever play this anymore’ list.

Download Stand and Clap

This is a live recording, at the end of which you can hear about Pete’s party bags. These were a good idea, but did not realise their full potential

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