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I wrote an email to Pete this morning suggesting we look for an artist. Songs for the End of the World needs a cover, and we also need a logo and a banner for the website. I’m thinking something drawn rather than photo-based.

The nearest I can manage to a brief for the cover so far is:

It should contain a drawing of the robot from the Measure of a Man video

It should contain the words ‘Comrade Robot’ and ‘Songs for the End of the World’, possibly with the same font as used in the current banner

It should maybe be comic-book inspired. Possibly a similar style of drawing to the picture above.

But I’m not sure yet and Pete hasn’t had his say (and I’m not very good with visual stuff) so this is mostly thinking out loud at the moment. More details to follow when I’ve pinned down what we want.

Still, let me know if a) you’re an artist who has any ideas or b) you know someone who might be interested.

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Righty dokey, we’re off (that’s not the final album cover by the way, just a temporary one).

As you can see, is up and running. So far I’ve created a myspace page, a facebook page, a bandcamp account (excited about that one) and got the fans’ area sorted (all those old b-sides will be uploaded soon).

There are loads of things that need to be sorted with the site still. Most of the pages don’t work properly. Bare with me, they will get sorted.

If you want to download Songs for the End of the World, all you need to do is sign up to the mailing list using the form on the homepage of

Thanks for listening. Gimme a couple of days and the site will be sorted!

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Don’t tell anyone else, but we’ve finished our album. The artwork isn’t ready, but the music is.

There’s a zip file in the fans’ area. It’s a big file, but these are new remastered versions of our songs, most of them significantly different to the versions you can find elsewhere on the site.

To download it, join the mailing list and use the password we send you to log into the fans’ area.


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Via a post on the blog A Modern Girl’s Guide to the Apocalypse, I learn of the Zombie Emergency Kit.

This, of course, is a vital accessory and I shall be purchasing several to be placed strategically around my flat, and place of work. I agree absolutely with Miss Famine’s sentiment:

We all know about fire safety, and earthquake kits to store in your car, and bunkers for BOTH tornadoes and nuclear fall out. But now it’s time to step it up. I’m making it my personal mission to get one or more of these Zombie Emergency Kits installed in every home and public building.

Zombies are dear to both my heart and Pete’s, and while we sing of dancing with them, we are aware of the dangers. That’s why I shall also be acquiring a Zombie Defense Station, a far more serious bit of kit:

Geekologie tells me that this is the latest in Zombie Defense Equipment.

I certainly wouldn’t deny these wise words:

Seriously folks, you just never know when you might have to go all Resident Evil on a gang of undead humans hellbent on having you for dinner.

There are clearly a great many sensible people out there, preparing and helping others prepare for the coming showdown with the shuffling undead hordes. This brings me some small measure of comfort.

Our Zombie Song – Just Sleeping

As you begin your plans and preparations, I shall leave you with our Zombie song, ‘Just Sleeping’:

Download Just Sleeping

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Unbeknownst to Pete, I’ve recorded loads of backing vocals for the Dance at the End of the World.

Not all of them will be used in the final song.

Here are some of them:

Download Dance and Sing, the World is Ending.

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It ain’t so bad, it ain’t so bad.

Download Dance, dance, dance.

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Today I took delivery of the Sonuus G2M midi converter.  I was inspired to purchase one by the wonderfully talented Matt Stevens.

It allows me to play synth parts with my guitar. This pleases me:

Download It Never Seems To Rain (Improv)

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It’s been a week of tweaks at Following on from my to-do list, I have completed the following:

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What with finally having a version of Stand and Clap that I like:

Download Stand and Clap

I thought it appropriate to share a few of my favourite atheist-related websites.

I know the idea of atheists working together is kind of silly – after all we have nothing in common but an absence of one belief – but the religious seem to be increasingly vocal, and something does need to be done.

What? I’ve no idea. But I’ve lived in London my entire life. For the first decade and a half of that life, every time I went into the centre of my own city, there was a danger I would be killed by a bomb set by Catholics. These days, it’s Muslim bombs that are a worry. Religion creates dangerous in group morality, and it literally kills.

Plus its so silly.

So here are a few atheist websites that I like: – The website of Richard Dawkins, author of The God Delusion. Often called ’strident,’ but only by the humourless. Dawkins is actually a very funny, if dry-witted, writer.

Another common criticism is that he doesn’t attack the kind of religion that normal people believe in. This attack is only ever made by people who don’t believe but won’t admit it, such as the egregious Madeliene Bunting. This woman has a habit of simply lying about what Dawkins has written.  For example, in the article I linked to she says Dawkins aims with the God Delusion to convert theists into atheists, even though he states in the book that he sees this as unlikely.

The Good Atheist An atheist blog and podcast.

Think Atheist A pleasant little social network for atheists. Full of Americans who understandably feel more of a need to organise as atheists.

The Secular Web run by the amusingly titled ‘Internet Infidels’.

A Guide for the Godless A free internet book that deals with meaning in a godless world. Interesting read, but I’d be more interested in seeing someone explain meaning in a world in which god exists. The nearest I have seen to this is pagan religions where the gods aren’t all nice. Monotheism with a morally good god seems absurd, but maybe someone will get round to writing about it sensibly one of these days. They’ve only had six thousand years, to be fair.

There you go, a small biased, incomplete selection. Any others?

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I was never happy with the original guitars and vocals for our pro-atheism, superstition-is-the-equivalent-to-slugs-in-the-brain-and-will-kill-us-all anthem ‘Stand and Clap’.

So here it is again, but better:

Download Stand and Clap

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