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What with finally having a version of Stand and Clap that I like:

Download Stand and Clap

I thought it appropriate to share a few of my favourite atheist-related websites.

I know the idea of atheists working together is kind of silly – after all we have nothing in common but an absence of one belief – but the religious seem to be increasingly vocal, and something does need to be done.

What? I’ve no idea. But I’ve lived in London my entire life. For the first decade and a half of that life, every time I went into the centre of my own city, there was a danger I would be killed by a bomb set by Catholics. These days, it’s Muslim bombs that are a worry. Religion creates dangerous in group morality, and it literally kills.

Plus its so silly.

So here are a few atheist websites that I like: – The website of Richard Dawkins, author of The God Delusion. Often called ’strident,’ but only by the humourless. Dawkins is actually a very funny, if dry-witted, writer.

Another common criticism is that he doesn’t attack the kind of religion that normal people believe in. This attack is only ever made by people who don’t believe but won’t admit it, such as the egregious Madeliene Bunting. This woman has a habit of simply lying about what Dawkins has written.  For example, in the article I linked to she says Dawkins aims with the God Delusion to convert theists into atheists, even though he states in the book that he sees this as unlikely.

The Good Atheist An atheist blog and podcast.

Think Atheist A pleasant little social network for atheists. Full of Americans who understandably feel more of a need to organise as atheists.

The Secular Web run by the amusingly titled ‘Internet Infidels’.

A Guide for the Godless A free internet book that deals with meaning in a godless world. Interesting read, but I’d be more interested in seeing someone explain meaning in a world in which god exists. The nearest I have seen to this is pagan religions where the gods aren’t all nice. Monotheism with a morally good god seems absurd, but maybe someone will get round to writing about it sensibly one of these days. They’ve only had six thousand years, to be fair.

There you go, a small biased, incomplete selection. Any others?

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Jacob Fortin over at the Good Atheist has published a rant about homeopathy, and who absurd it is.

In case you’re unaware of this absurd bit of superstitious nonsense, basically it involves taking ‘medicinal’ ingredients in an incredibly diluted form. The more diluted the better.

“On the back of most homeopathic remedies, unbeknown to most individuals, the actual potency of their medicine is printed clearly. A typical example may include caffeine (often, hilariously enough, in their sleeping pills) ranging with a concentration of 10-30X. This represents to which degree the ingredient has been diluted. This means, if we take the most modest example, that for every caffeine molecule, there are 10(power of 30) (that’s 30 billion billion billion) molecules of something else, typically either water or, in the case of pills, wax. Some are so diluted, it would take a pill the size of the solar system in order to find at least one molecule of the active ingredient.”

It is this sort of madness that will drive us to extinction, and that is why Pete and I have written ‘Stand and Clap’ about the issue.

Oooh, Richard Dawkins has made a similar point:

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A very sensible woman who claims to throw fantastic cocktail parties, also writes a very useful blog. You can find it at She’s blogging about her mission to gain all the skills necessary to survive in a post-apocalyptic environment.

Given that the world will end in 2009, sometime after the release of the last song from our album, there isn’t a lot of time to develop these skills, which include:

* get leaner (disencourage cannibalism)
* get stronger
* do a pull-up/lift bodyweight
* get faster (outrun zombies)
* basic first aid
* CPR (adult, child & infant)
* be prepared (emergency food, first aid, water)
* be prepared (tools, booze, radio)
* basic construction
* cooking over campfire
* basic mending & sewing
* growing food
* storing food

* advanced first aid
* be able to run with a Daisy the Wonderdog strapped to me
* figure out way to strap Daisy the Wonderdog to me
* gun safety & maintenance
* load & fire handgun
* load & fire rifle
* load & fire shotgun
* metalworking/welding
* rock climbing
* woodchopping
* sledgehammering

And yet these are the basic skills that TV and films tell us are vital, if we are to survive. Make no mistake, the end is coming. We must prepare.

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Download (Measure Of A Man – bass, percussion, Pete vocals)

Download (Bleached Bone Fields – guitar, bass, percussion)

Download (Demon – Tom vocals, guitar, percussion)

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An eye on the end of the world.

Lunar Ark
Jamais Cascio’s Eschatological Taxonomy
Peak Oil Vs. Global Warming
Colony Collapse Disorder
Zombie Science
Nanotech Glossary
Wilkins Ice Shelf Collapse
Ellis’ Laws of Robotics

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A while ago I was inteviewed by Sean McGaughey for his ‘For the Sake of the Song’ podcast. The interview is mostly about but it does contain a couple of We’ll Write songs.


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My Fawm adventure has led to this. Another song about Robots:

Download Where Once they had Hearts

Where once they had hearts

Once they called me the perfect man
the measuring stick for their dreams
Chrome polished skin and well oiled joints
Told me they made their image in me

So on that day, glorious day,
I showed them how they could be saved
With clean metal parts where once they had hearts
And with wiring and tubes in their brains.

They crushed me and ripped apart
tore from out the lense from my eye
Buried in soil and stones

Drained all my oil and chained me and left me to
Rust rust rust
If only darkness would come, if end I must
If they ever loved me I’d be gone

I remember the day, glorious day
When my army started to march
Networked and gleaming, all lasers and steam
We’d undo all the wrongs of the past

But magnets and bombs brought me down
Mirrors and tripwires and rocks
Buried in soil and stones

Drained all my oil and chained me and left me to
Rust rust rust
If only darkness would come, if I end I must
If they ever loved me I’d not rust

(ps. Radiohead silliness continues)

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For some reason it’s been a Radioheady couple of days.

I’ve been listening to In Rainbows and liking quite a lot of it.

I wrote a post about gradual change in their songwriting on

And then got a little involved in a rather silly argument about whether or not Aqua have more artistic relevance than Radiohead.

I shouldn’t make comments about such silly things, but one of my pet hates is journalists and academics who talk about pop music without talking about the music, as if lyrics are all that exists.

Still, it made people talk about the guy’s band, and maybe that’s the point.

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A nice man named Andrew has put We’ll Write into his ‘best of January’ list.

These guys have a good feel for rhythm and sound, one that takes me back to some nostalgic college days before I began to worry too much about things.”

I am pleased to have spared anyone worry. Take a look at his blog for more good music.

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I think we should make We’ll Write t-shirts. More importantly, I believe we can make We’ll Write t-shirts.

No Media Kings

I particularly like the bleach effect, which is handy because it’s very affordable! Silkscreening looks like a lot of work and a bit expensive, but I’d love to try it.

I may spend some time at the weekend figuring out an OMF stencil.

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