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Pete emailed over a draft for a logo, before deciding that actually it’s a ‘bit 90’s PC Gamer, if you know what I mean’.

So we won’t be using this, but something kind of like it. Maybe. I like the cog motif.

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I wrote an email to Pete this morning suggesting we look for an artist. Songs for the End of the World needs a cover, and we also need a logo and a banner for the website. I’m thinking something drawn rather than photo-based.

The nearest I can manage to a brief for the cover so far is:

It should contain a drawing of the robot from the Measure of a Man video

It should contain the words ‘Comrade Robot’ and ‘Songs for the End of the World’, possibly with the same font as used in the current banner

It should maybe be comic-book inspired. Possibly a similar style of drawing to the picture above.

But I’m not sure yet and Pete hasn’t had his say (and I’m not very good with visual stuff) so this is mostly thinking out loud at the moment. More details to follow when I’ve pinned down what we want.

Still, let me know if a) you’re an artist who has any ideas or b) you know someone who might be interested.

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It ain’t so bad, it ain’t so bad.

Download Dance, dance, dance.

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It’s been a week of tweaks at Following on from my to-do list, I have completed the following:

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 Over at  Joe’s been working on the Robots for the Measure of a Man video. Doesn’t it look ace? I’ve stolen his entire post:

“Another update on the robot. It’s now got a head and right arm.

The arm’s a large gatling gun. I’m painting it military looking green to suggest it’s a new addition – the idea is that the robot was originally some kind of industrial piece of machinery which has become self aware (that always happens with robots) and nicked a gun from some military robot.

Need to add details to the neck which is looking kinda bare still.

The feet contain fuel tanks and a fenced off power generator. I figured if you had a piece of machinery like that you’d want key sections near the floor so you can easily service and refuel it.

The left leg has ladders and platforms so the former pilots could easily get up to wherever the cockpit is.”

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Last week, we released the second part of our serialised album, Songs for the End of the World. I think people listened to it, but I’m not sure. The Tom checks these things, and he might be dead for all I know. The concern is that more people could be listening to these things. We just need to reach them. That’s what the internet is supposed to be all about, right?

In four weeks or so, we will release part three. It is a song called Demon, and I really like it. I should probably record my vocals for it, actually. That’d be helpful.

Mansdrew would like to hear pop songs about government testing facilities that end up going a bit Philadelphia Experiment or Doom or Torchwood 1. This is certainly right up our apocalyptic alley, so I’ll be giving it some thought for a future release. (I actually have a terrible idea about doing a special EP for Christmas, but this might actually kill us, so maybe not. It’s nice to set yourself challenges, though!)

Okay, that’ll do for now. If anyone has seen the Tom (he might be in New York, but I can’t be sure) do let me know.

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I done a drawing. Look! It is good.

BBF and MOAM nearly done! B-sides? Yeah, quite possibly. Drums for Demon are all sequenced,  new bass for Trampoline Song sounds good. About a month to go, I think! The Tom has proper information tucked up his sleeve and behind his ear. If you’re nice to him, he might share it.

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