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I thought I’d try my hand at cover design again. Cos it would be nice to have real actual cds to put in people’s hands. Digital is all very 21st century and everything but most people still buy cds, you know…

Also, Pete has hinted down a tincanphone about We’ll Write plans for the near future.

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I think we should make We’ll Write t-shirts. More importantly, I believe we can make We’ll Write t-shirts.

No Media Kings

I particularly like the bleach effect, which is handy because it’s very affordable! Silkscreening looks like a lot of work and a bit expensive, but I’d love to try it.

I may spend some time at the weekend figuring out an OMF stencil.

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Hello hello. Sorry, we’ve been busy!

I’ve been intending to update all week, because I have things to show to the internet! Not my bum. We recorded a rehearsal, and there’s a ropey rendition of a BRAND NEW SONG on my computer just waiting to be uploaded to this site and downloaded into your BRAINS. But our FTP is fucked and not letting us log in. Or not me, anyway. Maybe the Tom is having more luck.

Anyway. Click this link to Warren Ellis‘ inter-blog and feast your eyes on what was sent to him by Ice Bird Spiral. That is beautiful. I wonder how much time and effort goes into preparing something like that? I wonder if we could be arsed to steal this idea and handmake our own lavish packaging bundles? Under usual circumstances, I’d say probably not, but we have been freakishly productive of late. We’ve got new songs! Whole new songs! About demons, robots, black magic and trampolines. The usual We’ll Write silliness.

There’s an “Ee Pee” we’ve recorded, with some less new songs on it, and we’re deciding what to do with that. Maybe we’ll put it online and let people decide whether or not they want to pay money for it. That sort of thing is all the rage now. More on that when we’ve made some decisions.

We’ll be in touch!

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What with our EP finally in danger of being finished, I thought I’d try my hand at designing a cover. This is my first go:

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The last few posts have mostly been full of photos of other people. Why? Because I gave Pete the task of finding pictures of two people that we can steal ideas from.

Some of the ones he’s found are worth nicking things from.

In particular I like the one below with two people drawing what looks like a comic book on the ground, because it reminds me of the silly but amusing idea Pete and I had of making our own evangelical Christian style cartoon, with God replaced by We’ll Write.

Which reminded me of my favourite song on our ‘we hardly ever play this anymore’ list.

Download Stand and Clap

This is a live recording, at the end of which you can hear about Pete’s party bags. These were a good idea, but did not realise their full potential

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Along the top of our spanking new blog-o-site, you will see an image of a character called Old Moon Face. He is from a song I wrote called Old Moon Face (see what I did there?). The Tom and I have recently recorded Old Moon Face for our EP thing that we might sell to people. It’s a fun song! A song about a murr-durr and a man so racked with guilt his head has become an oversized rock. Or something.

One day I was bored, so I scribbled a doodle of Old Moon Face. The Tom has taken it and made it look much more interesting, with colours and stuff! This is very cool. Still, here is the original image, which you can tell took me all of 300 seconds to render.

Barry D. Swannpipe is not a real person.

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