Last week, we released the second part of our serialised album, Songs for the End of the World. I think people listened to it, but I’m not sure. The Tom checks these things, and he might be dead for all I know. The concern is that more people could be listening to these things. We just need to reach them. That’s what the internet is supposed to be all about, right?

In four weeks or so, we will release part three. It is a song called Demon, and I really like it. I should probably record my vocals for it, actually. That’d be helpful.

Mansdrew would like to hear pop songs about government testing facilities that end up going a bit Philadelphia Experiment or Doom or Torchwood 1. This is certainly right up our apocalyptic alley, so I’ll be giving it some thought for a future release. (I actually have a terrible idea about doing a special EP for Christmas, but this might actually kill us, so maybe not. It’s nice to set yourself challenges, though!)

Okay, that’ll do for now. If anyone has seen the Tom (he might be in New York, but I can’t be sure) do let me know.

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