Hello, my name is Pete and I am one half of We’ll Write. Maybe a little less than half, the Tom is a bit taller than I am.

It’s my fault there hasn’t been a new Song For The End Of The World for a while. I got quite sick and lost the use of some organs, but they’re better now. I should be able to sing a bit, and I intend to get the last couple of these apocalyptic ditties on the go so we can wrap up this project and start gigging again.

So, sorry about all the delays and that. We’ve two Songs For The End Of The World to go, and then I think we’ll probably tidy them up, put the ten of them on a CD and try and get people at gigs to hand over a couple of pounds for it. It will be a proper album! The end of this serial business, which I was convinced was going to attract significantly more interest than it did. Ah well. It did at least galvanise us and get us recording a bumload of stuff we probably wouldn’t have done otherwise. And having lots of free music available for download can only be good for us.

Over the coming weeks, there will definitely be recordings of The Dance At The End Of The World and One More Time Around, and possibly a new version of Vapour Trails and a song about our doomed future that would be called This Is Not The Future That You Wanted But It’s The Future You Have Got if we were Manic Street Preachers. Thankfully, we’re not. Although I think the Tom would look better in a dress than Nicky fucking Wire does.

Maybe that should be Nicky Fucking Wire, ’cause I’m sure that must be his full and correct name.

2009 is mostly going to be for gigging, I suppose! Which is good, I like gigging. Maybe something interesting will happen to us while we’re doing that, and people will start paying us money to play! I know, sounds a bit far-fetched, but we once played the same night as Polly Scattergood and now she’s all famous and stuff and she was truly awful! So who knows? Provided the world doesn’t end (it’s still quite likely to, let’s be honest), we shall be reasonably active for the year.

After that, I recall having a drunken conversation with the Tom sometime last year about writing and recording a whole album in the style of Jim Steinman. Even sober this strikes me as the most amazing idea ever. We will write eight minute epics about rock ‘n’ roll, chicks and motorcycles! IT WILL BE HEROIC.

In the meantime, I will be on Twitter talking about my naughty cats and my newfound enthusiasm for composting.


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