Last tuesday saw us take to the stage (well, performance area in the corner of the first floor) at Phibbers in the bleak, desolate, post-apocalyptic nightmare that is the Holloway road.

Here’s an extract from Pete’s blog, because I’m too lazy to write anything myself:

Also this week, the Tom and I returned to the stage to sing songs about robots and such. Some people actually came and saw us! We also covered Meat Loaf’s I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That), a performance of such unbridled silliness, certain members of the audience almost emptied their bladders where they sat. This is all part of our new sci-fi Jim Steinman rock-opera project, y’see. Because songs about zombies and trampolines obviously weren’t silly enough.

Last night I flew solo, playing a couple of We’ll Write songs and a few covers at an open mic Ben is running in Chingford. There were more people there than we ever really see at our own gigs, so I’m going to get the Tom to accompany me in the future. I really did love playing on my own for a change, though. As a bit of an experiment, I hastily sequenced a backing track using the Korg synth on my DS for 21st Century Pop Song by Hymie’s Basement, and that worked out surprisingly well. Maybe a bit too weird a song, but it’s certainly something I’m going to use more in the future.

So that’s all good, but the final chapter of Songs for the End of the World is now so far behind, and I’ve done fuck all about it for weeks.

In other news, yesterday saw the final filming for the Measure of a Man video. Here are some pictures. More can be found here :

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