Last Thursday we took to the stage at the wonderfully named Fiddler’s Elbow near Chalk Farm Road, London, for the second in what should be far more regular gigs from We’ll Write.

The setlist was something like:

    Old Moon Face
    Measure of a Man
    Where Once They Had Hearts
    Trampoline Song
    Bleached Bone Fields
    One More Time Around

We played well considering the horribly hot and humid pub atmosphere did not agree with our guitars at all. There were little tuning problems along the way. However,all was good in the end, and people applauded in all the right places.

As you may know, we always send a mailing list sheet around at gigs for people to sign up. This week the sheet included the question ‘What is your favourite spaceship?’. Replies included the obvious – Enterprise, Apollo 13, Millenium Falcon; the dull – UFO; and the downright geektastic – Defiant and MOYA.

Thanks to all those who came to see us play, and a big hi, hello and a-hoy-hoy to the newest members of the mailing list.

ps. Pete appears to have changed the words to Trampoline Song yet again. Third version so far.

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