What with finally having a version of Stand and Clap that I like:

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I thought it appropriate to share a few of my favourite atheist-related websites.

I know the idea of atheists working together is kind of silly – after all we have nothing in common but an absence of one belief – but the religious seem to be increasingly vocal, and something does need to be done.

What? I’ve no idea. But I’ve lived in London my entire life. For the first decade and a half of that life, every time I went into the centre of my own city, there was a danger I would be killed by a bomb set by Catholics. These days, it’s Muslim bombs that are a worry. Religion creates dangerous in group morality, and it literally kills.

Plus its so silly.

So here are a few atheist websites that I like:

Richarddawkins.net – The website of Richard Dawkins, author of The God Delusion. Often called ’strident,’ but only by the humourless. Dawkins is actually a very funny, if dry-witted, writer.

Another common criticism is that he doesn’t attack the kind of religion that normal people believe in. This attack is only ever made by people who don’t believe but won’t admit it, such as the egregious Madeliene Bunting. This woman has a habit of simply lying about what Dawkins has written.  For example, in the article I linked to she says Dawkins aims with the God Delusion to convert theists into atheists, even though he states in the book that he sees this as unlikely.

The Good Atheist An atheist blog and podcast.

Think Atheist A pleasant little social network for atheists. Full of Americans who understandably feel more of a need to organise as atheists.

The Secular Web run by the amusingly titled ‘Internet Infidels’.

A Guide for the Godless A free internet book that deals with meaning in a godless world. Interesting read, but I’d be more interested in seeing someone explain meaning in a world in which god exists. The nearest I have seen to this is pagan religions where the gods aren’t all nice. Monotheism with a morally good god seems absurd, but maybe someone will get round to writing about it sensibly one of these days. They’ve only had six thousand years, to be fair.

There you go, a small biased, incomplete selection. Any others?

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