Every now and then, Pete and I rehearse. It might not sound like it, but we do.

These recordings were done with my phone at our last rehearsal. The first is our first ever live, playing at the same time attempt at Espers, (one of the b-sides that you can find on the mailing list). Considering Pete, as is his wont, as changed the lyrics to it, I think we did okay.

Download Espers (rehearsal)

This second recording started as Measure of a Man, but sort of became a System of a Down song instead. Weird how that can happen.

Download Measure of a Toxicity.

After rehearsal, as I was walking back home past Crystal Palace Park, I saw a sign advocating the reintroduction of the Sydenham Ducking Stool for nagging women and ‘rapscalions’.

I assume it’s a joke, but who can tell?

Anyway, there are all sorts of extra tracks in the Fans’ Area, not just Espers. Hear ‘em by joining the mailing list:


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