Rehearsal Noun – A situation in which musicians loudly hack their way through a couple of songs with gusto, paying only marginal attention to matters of tuning, timing, finesse or musicality.

Today, Pete and I rehearsed in this manner. It was lots of fun. We also took a couple of videos. Recording rehearsals is a good idea because it forces you to concentrate a little more so as not to mess up the recording. However, it also provides evidence of exactly how bad my posture is when singing. I need to sort myself out.

Anyway, gig on Thursday. The other performers are:

Freddie McConnel
John Carter
Derek Hampson
Eric Walker

Seriously, I could only find one of these musicians on the internet. I guess that’s a drawback of performing under your name rather than a band name:- less likely to turn up in web searches. Ah well, it means Thursday shall contain many suprises.

Thursday 20th August
The Fiddlers Elbow
1 Malden Road,

Here’s a map

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