Last night we performed at the Fiddler’s Elbow for the Second time.

It was lots of fun, and in my opinion Pete and I played the best we have for the last year or so. The set was a nice mix of songs we’ve never played before and three older songs. Trampoline Song was a highlight for me, though singing about hanging murderous evil clowns in August and Whiteface was also lots of fun.

The set consisted of:

Our cover of Hanging on the Telephone
August and Whiteface
Trampoline Song
Follow Man
Just Sleeping
One More Time Around

Also on the bill were Freddy McConnel and Eric T Walker. I would particularly recommend listening to Eric’s song TnT, which I think is great.

There will be another gig in September, more news on that later.

New Song, New Song!

We’ve finally recorded a version of One More Time Around, which you can find in the fan’s area.

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