Via a post on the blog A Modern Girl’s Guide to the Apocalypse, I learn of the Zombie Emergency Kit.

This, of course, is a vital accessory and I shall be purchasing several to be placed strategically around my flat, and place of work. I agree absolutely with Miss Famine’s sentiment:

We all know about fire safety, and earthquake kits to store in your car, and bunkers for BOTH tornadoes and nuclear fall out. But now it’s time to step it up. I’m making it my personal mission to get one or more of these Zombie Emergency Kits installed in every home and public building.

Zombies are dear to both my heart and Pete’s, and while we sing of dancing with them, we are aware of the dangers. That’s why I shall also be acquiring a Zombie Defense Station, a far more serious bit of kit:

Geekologie tells me that this is the latest in Zombie Defense Equipment.

I certainly wouldn’t deny these wise words:

Seriously folks, you just never know when you might have to go all Resident Evil on a gang of undead humans hellbent on having you for dinner.

There are clearly a great many sensible people out there, preparing and helping others prepare for the coming showdown with the shuffling undead hordes. This brings me some small measure of comfort.

Our Zombie Song – Just Sleeping

As you begin your plans and preparations, I shall leave you with our Zombie song, ‘Just Sleeping’:

Download Just Sleeping

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