A recent discovery I have made is the lovely Martin Auswick, who by pure coincidence also lives in Crystal Palace and goes by the name of ‘The Sound of the Ladies’. Despite the name, his is neither a lady, nor more than one person. However, wonderfully he is a Quantum Physicist

I started paying attention properly to his stuff when I stumbled across a songwriting related post on his blog and made a few comments.

From there I downloaded the free and lovely live EP ‘Live in Gipsy Hill’, mostly because Gipsy Hill is just down the road from me. I have since had it playing on a loop, and absolutely love both ‘The Clouds at the Top of the Sky’, and ‘Up! Went my Dreams’.

You should download this too.

If I were a music journalist I’d come up with some metaphors and similes to describe his music in a vague and ultimately useless way. But I’m not, so I shall instead say that he’s very good.  He has a great tenor/baritone voice, strums a telecaster and sings songs that, like ours, are about more interesting things than how terrible it is to lose your girlfriend.

Here’s a video:

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