Last Thursday we played a gig at the White Hart pub near Whitechapel. We were last and had the not unusual experience of playing to a largely empty pub as most of the previous acts and their friends/fans left before we started playing, or halfway through. We were left only with the people who had come to see us, who are lovely, but aren’t that numerous.

We did get to play to some new people, but I have to admit the experience left me a little frustrated. We’ve played quite a few gigs on the acoustic circuit in London, with several promoters and even with the best of them, there is a theme:

  • The acts are all treated as individual mini-shows, rather than the whole night being a show
  • Promoters tally up how many fans each act brings along, and if you’re very lucky you might bring enough people to earn your train fare for the night.
  • Before the gig happens it is almost impossible to find the other acts online. Last gig we played after Mercy who has a great voice and was very enjoyable, another act called Branded Number 1 who I still can’t find on the internet, and some great acts in the open mic before the main show. I would have liked to hear their stuff before the gig, but even in this internet age there seem to be very few acts doing the internet thing even vaguely right.

The upshot is that half the people on these gigs never play to anyone new, and might as well have invited their friends to their front room and performed there.

This all leaves me thinking we should try doing things a little differently and find ways to encourage co-operation between acts. This may involve my pursuading Pete that we should start promoting or co-promoting our own gigs.


Also, we’re thinking of changing our name, as the well known On a Friday once did. Not sure what to yet, but what with the new album complete, it seems time for a reset on what we’re doing.

More soon, so watch this space.

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