All has been quiet on the Comrade Robot front, due to  real life getting in the way. Pete is still dealing with certain aspects of real life, and so this might turn out to be a solo gig:

(Yes, I know. We’re billed as ‘We’ll Write’. Hopefully this will not happen again.)

The Zenith bar can be found on this map, and this website

Fret ye not, I can still belt out a tune or two on my own. As if to prove this point, I’ve begun work on a solo project.

Spinning the Compass – which is supposed to be Steampunk themed and contain longer songs with more twiddley guitar parts than would be found in a Comrade Robot recording.

That’s my plan anyway. Two songs there for you to hear, more to follow.

I hope to see you next Sunday, and I wish you a pleasant and gluttonous winterval.

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