Last night I played a gig sans Pete (who sadly has been afflicted with a serious about of real life in recent weeks).

Despite the icy conditions, I struggled out to the Zenith Bar in Islington, and played a set that included a few Comrade Robot songs, and also Two out of Three by Meatloaf and an old folk song named ‘The Trees They Do Grow High’.

Also on the bill, in no particular order, were:

5 Minute Pop Promo

Any act described as ‘folktastic prog-folk’ is going to get my vote. They arrived late, so only got to play two songs after me, but I really enjoyed this pleasant duo – a bit like Simon and Garfunkel, if Paul Simon took unreasonable delight in the death of celebrities.

Annoyingly, and for reasons that escape me, they don’t have their own website. So I can only give you a link to their myspace: here

Nicky Taylor

Nicky doesn’t have a website either, but she does have a video on youtube, of course a myspace, and music that can be bought from itunes.

Her music was nice, mellow and melodic, and reminded me of 1970s singer-songwriters like Joni Mitchell. Here’s a video:

I don’t want to give a bad review, so I won’t mention the act that followed them and caused us to leave.

What I will mention is something I don’t get – Why don’t these artists have their own websites? I wanted to include some pictures of 5 Minute Pop Promo, but the only pictures are on Myspace, which I can’t link to directly. A good website would have a press section and I could get straight at a picture. Nicky has music on itunes, but hasn’t included a link directly to it on her myspace.

Both of these are good artists. I really enjoyed their sets and want to spread the word, but they’re not making it easy for me!

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