I wrote an email to Pete this morning suggesting we look for an artist. Songs for the End of the World needs a cover, and we also need a logo and a banner for the website. I’m thinking something drawn rather than photo-based.

The nearest I can manage to a brief for the cover so far is:

It should contain a drawing of the robot from the Measure of a Man video

It should contain the words ‘Comrade Robot’ and ‘Songs for the End of the World’, possibly with the same font as used in the current banner

It should maybe be comic-book inspired. Possibly a similar style of drawing to the picture above.

But I’m not sure yet and Pete hasn’t had his say (and I’m not very good with visual stuff) so this is mostly thinking out loud at the moment. More details to follow when I’ve pinned down what we want.

Still, let me know if a) you’re an artist who has any ideas or b) you know someone who might be interested.

2 Responses to “Comrade Robot and the Search for an Artist”
  1. I sir am an artist. I primarily do storyboards and quick concept sketching, but I feel up to the challenge of producing a awesome robot cover.

  2. Tom says:

    Eeeexcellent. I really like your stuff, particularly the style of your storyboards. I shall direct Pete, the other half of Comrade Robot, to your stuff and we’ll see what he thinks…

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