The only post-apocalyptic quasi-acoustic indie-folk duo you’ll ever need.

The oil is running out, the bees are disappearing, and robot technology is so advanced that it’s just a matter of time before they attack. Who will provide the soundtrack to this man-made apocalypse? Indie-folk duo Comrade Robot are here to help.

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Think Flight Of The Conchords, only, you know, about killer death robots bent on human destruction”

- www.suicidebots.com

The end of humanity by robotic enslavement. It doesn’t get better than that.”
- Carry You Away – Best of July

Pete Hayward and Tom Slatter began gigging under the name ‘We’ll Write’ in 2005, winning over audiences with their rousing songs, witty banter, and Pete’s charming inability to go a whole set without forgetting a song. However, as On a Friday did years before, they realised their name was never going to work. And so they took on the moniker Comrade Robot and began plotting their rise to world domination

Testing the water with 2007’s Old Moon Face EP, a free download that garnered some blog attention, the pair decided to record an album and release it one song at a time over a period of about a year.

The serial format worked okay for Charles Dickens, after all, and on the internet, one has to remind people regularly that you are Here and Doing Stuff, otherwise they’ll sod off and listen to Coldplay instead.

Realising that humankind is So Very Doomed, Comrade Robot focused on writing Songs for the End of the World. The album was finished in late 2009 and is now available via www.romraderobot.com

When you’re more concerned with shambling zombie hordes and near-certain robot-death than you are about getting dumped by your girlfriend, you’ll need a band whose songs you can really relate to.

Comrade Robot sing those songs, and when the glass and ash settles, they will still be standing, to guide everyone through the doom-times.

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