Songs for the End of the World

The oil is running out, the bees are disappearing, and robot technology is so advanced that it’s just a matter of time before they attack. Who will provide the soundtrack to this man-made apocalypse? Indie-folk duo Comrade Robot are here to help.

“Think Flight Of The Conchords, only, you know, about killer death robots bent on human destruction”


“The end of humanity by robotic enslavement. It doesn’t get better than that.”

- Carry You Away – Best of July

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Bleached Bone Fields

Measure of a Man

It Never Seems To Rain

Songs for the End of the World, Comrade Robot’s first studio album, contains songs about robots, zombies, demons, pirates and all manner of apocalyptic musings, all packaged up in an indie-folk mixture of acoustic guitars, harmonised vocals and programmed percussion.

As Andrew Liptak said, in his article (from back before Comrade Robot changed their name)

Songs for the End of the World falls purely in the geek realm. Bleached Bone Fields, their first track off the album, follows a sort of post-apocalyptic vibe where there’s vivid imagry of deserts and the protagonist trying to avoid falling asleep. Measure of a Man looks at robotics, Demon is about, well, Demons, Trampoline Song talks about the yearning to reach the sky, and so on.

It’s the album to get you through the apocalypse, the soundtrack to a bright and cheery armageddon.

How to get a Copy

There are two ways to get yourself a copy of Songs for the End of the World:

1. The album is available free for anyone who joins Comrade Robot’s mailing list.

2. You could click the download button on the widget at the top of the page and pay what you want via bandcamp.

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  1. Cool! Well done Tom and co, this looks like being a really interesting project.

  2. Tom says:

    Thanks Calum!

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