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Last Thursday we played a gig at the White Hart pub near Whitechapel. We were last and had the not unusual experience of playing to a largely empty pub as most of the previous acts and their friends/fans left before we started playing, or halfway through. We were left only with the people who had come to see us, who are lovely, but aren’t that numerous.

We did get to play to some new people, but I have to admit the experience left me a little frustrated. We’ve played quite a few gigs on the acoustic circuit in London, with several promoters and even with the best of them, there is a theme:

  • The acts are all treated as individual mini-shows, rather than the whole night being a show
  • Promoters tally up how many fans each act brings along, and if you’re very lucky you might bring enough people to earn your train fare for the night.
  • Before the gig happens it is almost impossible to find the other acts online. Last gig we played after Mercy who has a great voice and was very enjoyable, another act called Branded Number 1 who I still can’t find on the internet, and some great acts in the open mic before the main show. I would have liked to hear their stuff before the gig, but even in this internet age there seem to be very few acts doing the internet thing even vaguely right.

The upshot is that half the people on these gigs never play to anyone new, and might as well have invited their friends to their front room and performed there.

This all leaves me thinking we should try doing things a little differently and find ways to encourage co-operation between acts. This may involve my pursuading Pete that we should start promoting or co-promoting our own gigs.


Also, we’re thinking of changing our name, as the well known On a Friday once did. Not sure what to yet, but what with the new album complete, it seems time for a reset on what we’re doing.

More soon, so watch this space.

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‘Fun and Fantasy with Robot’ is apparently the English motto of RobotLand in South Korea.  

The Escapist informs me that building giant robot statues is all the rage in that part of the world. As well as the new monster in South Korea, there are also robot statues in Tokyo and Kobe.

I know what you’re thinking: ‘What if some nascent skynet is diddling with the plans, causing our far Eastern cousins to unwittingly construct an army of skyscraper sized death machines?’

I’m afraid. I’m very afraid.

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Don’t tell anyone else, but we’ve finished our album. The artwork isn’t ready, but the music is.

There’s a zip file in the fans’ area. It’s a big file, but these are new remastered versions of our songs, most of them significantly different to the versions you can find elsewhere on the site.

To download it, join the mailing list and use the password we send you to log into the fans’ area.


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A recent discovery I have made is the lovely Martin Auswick, who by pure coincidence also lives in Crystal Palace and goes by the name of ‘The Sound of the Ladies’. Despite the name, his is neither a lady, nor more than one person. However, wonderfully he is a Quantum Physicist

I started paying attention properly to his stuff when I stumbled across a songwriting related post on his blog and made a few comments.

From there I downloaded the free and lovely live EP ‘Live in Gipsy Hill’, mostly because Gipsy Hill is just down the road from me. I have since had it playing on a loop, and absolutely love both ‘The Clouds at the Top of the Sky’, and ‘Up! Went my Dreams’.

You should download this too.

If I were a music journalist I’d come up with some metaphors and similes to describe his music in a vague and ultimately useless way. But I’m not, so I shall instead say that he’s very good.  He has a great tenor/baritone voice, strums a telecaster and sings songs that, like ours, are about more interesting things than how terrible it is to lose your girlfriend.

Here’s a video:

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Thursday 17 September

The White Hart
1 Mile End Road
E1 4TP

A map can be found here.

Monday 19th October

The Old Queen’s Head
44 Essex Rd
N1 8LN

A map can be found here.

I’m particularly looking forward to this one. It’s a new venue for us, and from the look of the website it’s a very pretty one too.

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Via The Daily Stuff Report:

…it doesn’t seem like a stretch to see this bad boy crush his patients in half! Is this how the robot uprising will begin?

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Via a post on the blog A Modern Girl’s Guide to the Apocalypse, I learn of the Zombie Emergency Kit.

This, of course, is a vital accessory and I shall be purchasing several to be placed strategically around my flat, and place of work. I agree absolutely with Miss Famine’s sentiment:

We all know about fire safety, and earthquake kits to store in your car, and bunkers for BOTH tornadoes and nuclear fall out. But now it’s time to step it up. I’m making it my personal mission to get one or more of these Zombie Emergency Kits installed in every home and public building.

Zombies are dear to both my heart and Pete’s, and while we sing of dancing with them, we are aware of the dangers. That’s why I shall also be acquiring a Zombie Defense Station, a far more serious bit of kit:

Geekologie tells me that this is the latest in Zombie Defense Equipment.

I certainly wouldn’t deny these wise words:

Seriously folks, you just never know when you might have to go all Resident Evil on a gang of undead humans hellbent on having you for dinner.

There are clearly a great many sensible people out there, preparing and helping others prepare for the coming showdown with the shuffling undead hordes. This brings me some small measure of comfort.

Our Zombie Song – Just Sleeping

As you begin your plans and preparations, I shall leave you with our Zombie song, ‘Just Sleeping’:

Download Just Sleeping

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Boffins at the Pazzo Institute for End-times Research (PIER) have published new, and startling evidence, as documented here.

PIER has been struggling to understand the complex interrelationship between these seemingly parallel phenomena. Today, finally, we have the answer. No matter where you are on earth, your chance of experiencing a Zombie Uprising plus your chances of experiencing a Robot Uprising is roughly equal to 1 (given a sufficient time horizon, it is a virtual mathematical certainty that you will experience one or the other).

More terrifyingly, they conclude that the point on earth at which you are most likely to suffer both Robot and Zombie attacks, at the same time, is El Paso Texas.

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Last night we performed at the Fiddler’s Elbow for the Second time.

It was lots of fun, and in my opinion Pete and I played the best we have for the last year or so. The set was a nice mix of songs we’ve never played before and three older songs. Trampoline Song was a highlight for me, though singing about hanging murderous evil clowns in August and Whiteface was also lots of fun.

The set consisted of:

Our cover of Hanging on the Telephone
August and Whiteface
Trampoline Song
Follow Man
Just Sleeping
One More Time Around

Also on the bill were Freddy McConnel and Eric T Walker. I would particularly recommend listening to Eric’s song TnT, which I think is great.

There will be another gig in September, more news on that later.

New Song, New Song!

We’ve finally recorded a version of One More Time Around, which you can find in the fan’s area.

PS. To access the Fans’ Area, you need to join the mailing list:


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